Land and Online Keno

There are plenty of options for anyone interested in playing keno. The game is offered in nearly every casino, and in most bars, pubs, and bingo halls, and now, players can even find it online. There are some differences, though, between how the game is played online and in land-based casinos.

Picking Numbers

The main difference is in how players select their numbers in land-based versus online casinos. In most physical casinos, players are given actual paper tickets that strongly resemble lottery tickets. Using a pen or pencil, players mark down which numbers they want to select, and they then turn the ticket into a cashier. The player places his or her bet, and then waits for the numbers to appear on a large television screen with any other players. Online, much of this activity is minimized. Players place their bets and pick their numbers all at once on the same screen that then instantly displays the results. There is no waiting with other players in anticipation of the results. Playing online keno at any of the brands featured on make use of colourful themes and interactive betting options to keep players entertained. And the best part is that you can play online from the comfort of your home.

Placing Bets

The way that players place their bets is different as well. In physical casinos, players can navigate the many different variations on how to structure bets on the same ticket, or they may choose multiple tickets. Online, players place each bet individually on the screen, and only activate the round when they have placed all of the bets they want. Players online, then, are more in control of when the round takes place, as it waits until they are completely ready. Physical keno rounds proceed whether players are completely ready or not.

The differences between land-based and online keno are fairly minimal, but they can greatly change the way a player experiences the round. Many players of online keno enjoy the control they exercise, while others prefer the social aspect and anxiety of the land-based rounds.